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How to take care of your vulva in summer?

Irritations, fungal infections... Summer can be challenging for the well-being of your vulva, here are our tips for taking care of it.

We don't always think about it, but once summer arrives, our vulva can face certain issues. From irritations and discomfort to fungal infections, here are our tips to take care of your intimate area and avoid discomfort during the summer season.

#1 Pack a spare pair of underwear or dry your swimsuit One common issue we often encounter is fungal infections.

They are more likely to develop in the summer due to wet clothing, such as swimsuits that are kept on for too long after swimming. Therefore, it is recommended to pack a spare pair of underwear in your bag or to dry your swimsuit right after swimming.

#2 Sleep without underwear

What if we let it breathe a little? In the summer, sleep without underwear (in fact, you can do this all year round). This prevents the development of fungal infections in the heat.

#3 Pamper your vulva

In the summer, take extra care of your vulva. How? By using gentle products without chemicals that won't irritate your vaginal flora. Opt for soaps with a neutral pH, and natural ingredients.

With these tips, you won't have any issues in the summer, and your vulva will thank you!"

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