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Sanitary napkins : how to care for them ?

Sanitary napkins : how to care for them ?


A short while ago you felt in love with our sanitary napkins, but you still don't know how to take care of them? Here are our tips.

In addition to providing you comfort during this period, which is always a delicate one, the sanitary napkins help you avoid many inconveniences such as bad smells, unexpected leaks or, worse, health problems that can be very serious. 

In short, the sanitary napkins will save your life and here are just a few tips to maintain them on a daily basis.


How do I care of my sanitary napkins ? 

Before using your sanitary napkins for the first time, it is recommended to wash them at 30°c. The reason? This will simply allow a better absorption of your flow afterwards.

On a daily basis, after using your sanitary napkins on the first day of your cycle, here are the steps to follow to clean them:


  • First of all, wash the panties in cold water to remove the first part of the absorbed blood.
  • Pre-wash the menstrual panties by hand with soap.
  • Then put your panties in the washing machine and choose to wash them at 30°c or 40°c. If you don't want to mix your sanitary napkins with your other clothes, don't panic, you can always use a washing net.
  • Finally, leave your sanitary napkins to dry in the open air. It is not recommended to dry your panties with a dryer machine for the simple reason that this can weaken the fibers of the panties and therefore damage them more quickly.


Mistakes not to make with your sanitary napkins

Taking care of your sanitary napkins also involves some mistakes to be avoided. DO NOT

  • Use aggressive cleaning products such as bleach or white vinegar. It damages the fiber of the panties.
  • Choose a washing temperature that is too high: opt for a wash between 30°c and 40°c. 
  • Dry your panties in the dryer machine.
  • Use fabric softener. The reason? The use of unnatural products can damage the panties over time.
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