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What is the breathing of cycles?

Have you heard of the breathing of cycles? We tell you more about this neologism that reveals a lot about the menstrual cycle.

We admit it, the menstrual cycle is not always easy to understand. With fluctuating hormones, PMS, ovulation, and the regularity of periods... it can be confusing. Moreover, new terms are used to describe the menstrual cycle, including the breathing of cycles. But what does it really mean? We'll tell you more.

The breathing of cycles is simply the functioning of your menstrual cycle and its different stages. Thus, it can be identified from the end of the period to ovulation. At this stage, the cycle takes its inspiration before reaching ovulation. When the egg is released, the cycle begins its expiration until the next period.

And the respiratory difficulty?

So, if you hear about "respiratory difficulty" during the menstrual cycle, it identifies irregularity or abnormalities observed in the cycle. For example: cycles that are too long or too short. As a reminder, the "normal" duration is between 23 and 35 days. But that's not all. Many premenstrual symptoms can also be noted.

In short, these terms are simply more poetic than those already known to describe the menstrual cycle and its different stages, but that doesn't detract from their purpose: to better understand the menstrual cycle.

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