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Love this product

So pleased with this product in every way.

Period Underwear

Fantastic period pants. Bought multi coloured - would buy a purely black set next time for obvious washing reasons. No leakage, super comfy and fantastic for sleeping in as the pad section goes all the way up the back of the knicker. Great for sensitive skin too. No smells and easy to look after. Reusable is the way forward!

Super happy

I haven’t worn a thong for twenty years but wanted a ‘light days’ undie as i am at that unpredictable peri- menopausal stage of not knowing if i may get a bleed/ spotting anyday! They are so comfy - even the lace ( which would normally itch& irritate me ) is super comfy !... What’s not to like !

Beautiful design and fit really well!

These pants look great on and so far have done the job, no leaking!


Wore them on a moderate-heavy day for 8 hours, including doing a workout, and had no leaks! Also the most comfortable menstrual pants I've tried. The gusset is blue so shows stains more easily, but this doesn't bother me any more.

Surprisingly good

Wasn’t sure what to expect, however they are comfortable and fit reasonably well. I will definitely invest in a few more pairs.

Size was too big but exchanged for smaller size

Item arrived but was really big (I went with my hip size). Easy to send back and exchange but cost a bit to return as you have to send to Paris. Went 2 sizes down and they fit but could have possibly gone another size down.
Pleased with the item though and impressed with the customer service who kept me up to date with the exchange and were really quick in response. I would buy from the Bamboo House again.

Deliver the promise

Nice panties, no odours, feeling very soft and comfy. I’ll buy more to complete my collection !

Great balance

Both pretty and practical. Great wider thong to maximise the areas of absorption. Very comfortable and a good size description.

Love these pants

Comfortable and breathable, I loved using these on medium to light days - really liked the cotton as it felt more like a normal pair of knickers compared to some other brands which have been more like bikini bottoms. Was a bit worried that they wouldn’t wash as well but they seemed fine on the occasions that I used them and washed straight after use. I did use stain remover ... not sure that is recommended but there you go!

Period pants

Amazing, so impressed with quality and ths protection they give me! Will defo buy again as five pairs isnt wuite enough! X

Its good

Its good although for the price I would expect better and thought of packaging.

Pretty period pants

Even though these are period pants they are still really pretty.
They are true to size.
I wore overnight with no leakage.
Highly recommend!

Super comfy

I've tried reusable pads before and they've always felt very bulky and then moved around, especially at night, but with these I soon forget I'm wearing one and the night pads do not move at all (and I'm a wriggly sleeper!). The pants so far are comfy as well with no leaking, but I've yet to use them during a heavier day. I doubt that would cause much issue though!
When they first arrived I was put off by the size of everything, but once wearing them you don't notice at all! Really happy and have recommended to family and friends as well 😊

Comfortable and effective

Very impressed with these. Soft, and comfortable underwear, and can cope with any type of period. Plus they are eco friendly as they are made from bamboo.

Good value for money

Bought two pairs for each of my daughters, they’re good quality and fit well and do a good job. No fancy packaging etc but I didn’t expect that for the cost.

Would recommend

I have only just tried period pants so don’t have much to compare to. I found these really comfortable and I love how they looked too. I used them on moderate days, not sure if they are suitable for heavy flow, but they were great. Much more comfortable than pads, washed well too.

Amazing product

I keep recommending this product to all my friends. They really work and are so comfortable to wear. They have totally changed my experience of menstruating. I have been using a different brand for 4 years now, but they where delivering them from USA. After 4 years using them I have now reniewed my wardrobe and decided to use the Bamboo House as I believe they ship them from Europe so it reduces the carbon footprint. I can say that they are really comfy and work very effectively.

1 to 10 period underwear with laces


Good fit, look and feel nice. The only thing I'd say is that they make noise like you can tell there is some layers in there but wearing them is comfy and so far, no accidents! Recommend.

Great pants

Lovely pants, stylish, fun and practical


No more embarrassing leaks

Best decision I've made in ages

Love them: easy to wash, soaks up LOADS, no difficult suction problem like with the moon cup, I use one a day and one a night and COMFY :)))


Nice pattern and comfortable

Really cool

Easy to rewash several time during one day, it's comfortable at home under the leggings and outside under the jeans too, to wear it is a relief for all daily movements!

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