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bamboo pants

I didn't receive any by post none atall


The underwear (and bag) were amazing. So so so easy to use and so much better for the environment and for my body. Thank you.

The pads were not as comfortable as the underwear.

Nice design and comfy, but fit a bit big.

Nice design and comfy, though quite thick material all the way up front and back. I ordered size 3 (described as UK size 10), and when arrived they said "L" and were a bit big, would order size down next time.

Good product but indiscreet packaging

My parcel arrived with the words “Menstrual Panties” on the front. Would have preferred it if the postman didn’t know that thanks

Excellent period pants - even for larger ladies!

Comfortable, well-fitting pants that absorb well and wash well. Impressive!

Beautiful eco friendly product

Very commendable to have invented these great reusable products

Great product

All the pants I bought were great, so comfortable. The only reason for the 4 stars is because the package arrived and on the label was an itemized list of what it contained as in "PERIOD PANTS" which wasn't as discreet as I would like.

Best fit I’ve found

Excellent period pants!

These period pants are comfortable, just the colour that I wanted (have black ones too). They wash well and are practical.

A very good solution

I really like this underwear - it is a good solution for me, both practically for my situation and environmentally.

Black bamboo fibres period underwear

I’m really impressed with how absorbent they are. Very comfortable and easy to wash.


Comfy, no leaks

Periods don’t have to be meh

Finally a comfortable period product that makes you feel sexy even when your on. Great underwear not leaks and very comfortable will definitely be buying more.

Set of 3 period underwear in bamboo fibers mix color

so comfy and make periods so much easier

1 to 10 period underwear with transparent sides and dots

Decent quality

I wear these to bed because I find pads uncomfortable to sleep in. They’re pretty absorbent and easy to wash. I thought they’d stain- they don’t!

Period underwear for my daughter

Order 10 pairs of the plain black period pants for my daughter(13) who since starting her periods 2 years ago and is still getting them(periods) every 2 weeks. We were getting through a lot of disposable pads as she needed them for a full week. I should have ordered a size smaller as I estimated her at a dress size 10 which equated to Bamboo House size 3 and although they did fit, a smaller size would have just been a bit more snug giving a bit more security. Despite this, she has had no leaks at night and has now felt more comfortable wearing them at school and is getting on very well with them. I purchased a little caddy which I keep in the bathroom with a little water and laundry detergent in it and she just rinses out the pants in cold water and pops them in the caddy and then I wash them all together. So far we are very pleased with these pants.


They do what they are supposed to do, supportive and comfortable just looks cheaper/ chunkier than they did in the pictures but still great underwear. They washed well.

Love them!

I’m new to the world of period pants but so far, these beauties have been fab. Good looking, absorbent and comfy… what more do we need? I can’t genuinely comment on the quality of their absorbency as, so far, I’ve used them as a back up to my cup but they have helped reduce my disposable back-up usage, which can only be a good thing x

Would recommend

I use these overnight in conjunction with my menstrual cup and I no longer suffer with broken sleep, panicking that I’ve leaked everywhere.


Super comfy and safe!

Pretty and effective. Wearing underwear like this really increases confidence during your period, saves your clothes and saves you a lot of laundry caused from leaking - both night and day!


I am so pleased with my purchases.they are so comfy and work a treat

A bit offended that a size 8-10 is considered large

The pants are great. They work well. 0 leaks and pretty design. Only issue is the sizing. I went for a 10 which is branded as "large"- a little offensive. However the sizings do come up very big so would definitely advocate getting the size down from what you usually are to avoid gapping.

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