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Why is it necessary to pee after sex?

We break taboos and finally address THE uncomfortable question: why is it necessary to go to the toilet after sex? Zoom.

It is probably one of the biggest taboos surrounding sexuality and feminine hygiene. However, going to the toilet immediately after sexual intercourse is essential and highly recommended. The reason? To eliminate the bacteria that have lodged in the vagina and that can travel up to the bladder.

What are the risks?

In general, the consequences are almost immediate, with the development of a urinary tract infection or cystitis. If such an infection is not treated, it can be extremely painful during urination, cause bleeding, or even worse, a kidney infection. Therefore, it is important to go to the toilet after sex, and also to consult a specialist in case of cystitis.

On a daily basis, it is also essential to take care of one's intimate parts by opting for non-aggressive and chemical-free products. The goal? To have a healthy vulva and vagina. This daily hygiene will prevent bacteria from entering, and your vaginal flora will be in excellent condition.

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