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Bamboo, an efficient solution against deforestation!

The scourge of the 21st century!

Destruction of animal habitats, CO2 emissions, aggravation of natural disasters, reduction of water resources... Deforestation is one of the main factors of climate change... Of course, many attempts and operations of reforestation exist but are insufficient compared to current consumption. Moreover, very often, reforestation is carried out with species that are not adapted to the environment and/or that do not promote biodiversity, particularly because of monoculture.

Why is bamboo part of the solution?

First of all, because bamboo is not a tree but a plant that grows very quickly. For example, an oak tree takes 70 years to reach its adult size while a bamboo only needs 6 short years. It is also a plant considered invasive, regenerates itself and has high potential (more than 9 million hectares available). Man does not need to intervene in replanting, which considerably limits CO2 emissions. It is possible to cut 1/3 of the plantations each year, this is simply equivalent to the natural reforestation of bamboo.

Then because it is a plant that is really useful to the planet. If we compare its absorption capacity with that of trees, it is able to recycle on average 30% more CO2.

Finally, its exploitation does not destroy biodiversity. And yes, when we talk about bamboo we often think of the disappearance of pandas because it is their natural habitat but there are many varieties of bamboo and those used in the making of objects and construction is not the same as those sought by these adorable little hairballs 🐼 !

Unfortunately there is no miracle solution but to privilege the use of bamboo objects will certainly reduce significantly all problems associated with deforestation.

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