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Drainage: why does it relieve periods?

Do you want to relieve your period pains naturally? Lymphatic drainage is a very good painkiller.

Here are some explanations. 

Every month it's the same thing, when your period arrives you feel menstrual pain. It's normal, all menstruating women go through it, but it's not pleasant.

Between the headaches, stomach aches, back pain and other aches and pains caused by menstruation, it's not fun. Fortunately, there are effective and natural methods to relieve these symptoms, including lymphatic drainage massage.

What is lymphatic drainage?

This type of drainage is a massage that eliminates toxins.
How does it work? By stimulating the circulation of the lymph. Through various massage techniques, drainage allows for better blood circulation, elimination of toxins, improved skin appearance, etc.

Why does it reduce menstrual pain?

During the menstrual period, there is often a risk of water retention, as well as stomach pains. Lymphatic drainage therefore plays an important role in daily comfort in order to feel better. A lymphatic massage on the lower abdomen during menstruation helps to decongest the lower abdomen. A treatment that will considerably reduce pain.

After several treatments, over several cycles, the pain can even disappear. The reason? Thanks to the massage, the function of the uterus is rebalanced. Of course, it is recommended that you visit a professional lymphatic drainage therapist.

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