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Periods: why it's stink and how to avoid it ?

Menstruation can sometimes cause odour, but why? We tell you more. 

Every menstruating woman has experienced that awkward moment when you change your sanitary protection and a foul smell comes out of your panties. Sometimes you even feel like everyone around you will be able to smell your crotch. Only women can understand this.

Why can periods be smelly?

When we have our period, the odours we smell are caused by blood, but not only by it. In this blood, there are bacteria in the uterus, for example from the uterine lining or vaginal mucus. As a result, blood loss can sometimes be smelly. But don't worry, the smell of your period is completely normal.

However, if the odour during your cycle is really unpleasant and difficult to bear, or even disabling, it is important to consult a specialist. The causes of bad odour can be due to inflammation, bacteria or a sexually transmitted disease. In short, if the odour seems unusual, consult a specialist.

How can you manage and limit odour during your period?

To limit unpleasant odours, it is important to have good intimate hygiene. To do this, it is sufficient to wash your intimate areas at least once a day, preferably with a neutral soap, to regulate the pH of your vaginal flora. As a reminder, the more balanced our vaginal flora is, the lower the risk of infection and odour.

Another piece of advice: the choice of periodical protection. Disposable protection, such as tampons or sanitary towels, often cause bad odours. The reason for this? The storage of blood in contact with the chemicals that make up this type of protection. Ideally, you should use reusable menstrual panties or washable sanitary towels. They reduce odour considerably and will change your life!

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