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Does sexual activity can delay the beginning of my period?

Myth or reality about periods and sex? We tell you all about it.

Since the dawn of time, people have been asking questions about periods and sex: can you delay your period after having sex, or can you make your period come earlier if you have sex? It's time to break down the taboos surrounding these myths and realities.

Does orgasm speed up periods?

Yes, sexual activity can delay the onset of your period. Sexual relations can trigger the period, approximately one or two days before the initial date scheduled for the period. The reason for this? Penetration and the vaginal and uterine contractions caused by orgasm can encourage the expulsion of period blood. A totally normal situation.

In fact, small amounts of bleeding, known as "spotting", can occur just after sexual intercourse, but this is not menstruation. This is simply bleeding that mixes with vaginal secretions and generally occurs when the uterine lining is slightly irritated. Finally, don't forget that it is entirely possible to make love during your periods. Once again, this is a taboo that needs to be broken.

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