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Could lemon have a multitude of benefits for your periods?

Can a simple citrus fruit reduce period pains or rebalance the body?

Find out more about the benefits of lemon juice. You're in for a surprise!

You may not know it, but lemon juice has many benefits, especially during periods.

An ally against periods?

It's no surprise that lemons have many virtues: they detoxify, are high in vitamin C, soothe inflammation and reduce cholesterol. In short, regular consumption helps to purify the body.

During the period, it's not uncommon for women to feel bloated, have a swollen belly or experience water retention. The good news is that lemon juice can literally improve menstruation.

How can it help? Thanks to its high vitamin C content, lemon juice has a diuretic effect that helps combat water retention. Another advantage is that it detoxifies the body and boosts immunity. In short, lemon juice is good for you. So when you're on your period, it's a good idea to drink it every morning with fresh water.

It's up to you!

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