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Menstrual sports legging: zoom on this life-changing product

This new product, ideal for menstruation, has everything to please.

Focus on the menstrual leggings that ensure comfort and protection.

Who hasn't dreamt of having underwear that is suitable for sports when you are on your period? It's not unusual to be bothered by a piece of fabric, underwear that's too tight, etc. That's good news! There are menstrual leggings adapted for menstruation and sports activities.

What are menstrual leggings all about?

An ultra-covering and sheathing sports legging, which allows you to feel good in your body without being tight + a discreet absorbent layer at the level of the crotch which ensures you protection and comfort. It is no longer necessary to wear menstrual panties underneath, this model is two in one.

A product adapted to your flow whether it is light, medium or heavy. Its inner composition is nylon and spandex (for the elasticity of the product) and its outer composition is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. A piece that ensures protection and serenity during your sports sessions, but not only. 

These menstrual leggings can also be worn outside of the menstrual period, whether at home for a relaxing evening, going shopping or doing sports.

As you can see, in addition to being a menstrual ally, these leggings can be adapted to many periods of the day and make your life easier.

So, do you want to try them?


To discover our menstrual leggings, click here!


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