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Slow cosmetics: what is this phenomenon?

What if we adopted a more responsible skincare and cosmetic routine?

It's possible thanks to slow cosmetics. We tell you more.

For several years, the trend has been to slow down. There is talk of "slow fashion", "slow life", and even "slow cosmetics". This is explained by a change in consumption, more responsible. For example, fast-fashion clothes are exchanged for items made of natural materials and produced under good working and ecological conditions. We can also change our lifestyle, by taking time to enjoy life, focusing on the essentials and reducing unnecessary consumption with the slow life. Or you can completely change your beauty routine with slow cosmetics.

What is slow cosmetics?

Slow cosmetics is a trend that advocates a return to the use of natural, healthy products, without plastic packaging and with a focus on the zero waste trend.
In short, we consume with common sense and we bet on ethical products.

Over time, many brands have embraced slow cosmetics. As a result, it is now possible to find solid beauty and care products, made from natural products and without dyes or endocrine disruptors. You can also choose non-polluting, organic and eco-responsible products or even homemade ones. Yes, it is possible to make your own shampoo, shower gel or even facial oil.

Slow cosmetics also means paying attention to packaging, avoiding plastic and favouring products with responsible, biodegradable or even reusable packaging. For example, disposable cotton pads are replaced by reusable make-up remover discs. The aim of slow cosmetics is to reduce waste, consume better, take care of your health and reduce the damage caused by the cosmetics industry.

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