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Menstrual sports boxer: the ultimate serenity ally for your period

Comfort, serenity and protection, the menstrual boxer shorts have all the makings of a great one. Zoom in on this model that becomes an ally during your period.

Not always easy to find the ideal menstrual panties. The one that will suit our flow, morphology and needs. The Bamboo House has just launched a new model: the menstrual boxer. The principle? Make comfort a priority and offer a more casual model.

An ally of style and comfort

Whether for style, personal preference or comfort, boxer shorts, often considered masculine, are in fact a great ally. In its menstrual version, the boxer ensures comfort and protection during the menstrual cycle. They are the ideal model for relaxing at home or feeling serene while wearing a dress, for example.

Placed under a short or long dress, the menstrual boxer allows you to protect yourself while ensuring serenity. No more leaks, no more smells and no more fear of having your dress reveal your menstrual panties, the boxer has everything to seduce you. Available in black and grey, they will change your life. Its price? 24,90€. Enough to please everyone!

To discover our menstrual boxers it's here!


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