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Nausea during menstruation: what does it mean and what to do about it?

Have you ever experienced nausea during your menstrual cycle and even during your period?

Here are the reasons why.

No, feeling nauseous does not always mean that you are pregnant. There are many reasons why nausea may occur during the menstrual cycle and even during your period.

Why do I feel nauseous during my period?

If your period is not late, you have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative and you still feel nauseous, it is probably due to your hormones. And spoiler: there's nothing to worry about. When there are significant hormonal changes, some women may experience nausea, for example during menstruation or during ovulation, in the middle of the cycle, when progesterone and oestrogen levels vary. This is also due to the high secretion of prostaglandin, which encourages and promotes contractions of the uterus. This factor may be responsible for the nausea during the cycle.
Another explanation is that menstrual pain or headaches can sometimes be so intense that they cause a digestive disorder and lead to nausea or diarrhea.

- When does nausea occur?

Nausea can occur early in the morning, before breakfast, or in some cases during the day. Of course, if the nausea is accompanied by a delay in menstruation, breast pain and back pain, a pregnancy test is recommended to rule out this possibility.

How to reduce nausea?

It's not always easy to get on with your day when you feel nauseous. Fortunately, there are some tips on how to deal with nausea. It is recommended to eat a healthy, balanced diet and drink plenty of water. If the nausea starts as soon as you wake up, it is recommended not to skip breakfast and to have a snack. Of course, fatty foods should be avoided. Finally, resting helps to limit the effects of nausea. Stress is also a factor in nausea, so it is recommended to avoid it.
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