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Zero-waste cooking: how to store food properly?

Silicone lids, glass jars, reusable beeswax film... We reveal 5 solutions to preserve your food easily while respecting the environment. Zoom in.


You are starting a zero-waste approach and you are wondering how to preserve your food without using plastic and while respecting the environment? Don't panic, it's perfectly possible. Here are 5 tips that should help you in your daily life.


Reusable beeswax films

Gone are the days of plastic or aluminum stretch film. There is now a much better alternative for your health and the planet. Reusable beeswax film is a real hit and allows you to store your food safely.


With these beeswax films, all you have to do is wash them in cold water after each use and then reuse them to cover food or containers. This significantly reduces your plastic waste and is better for your health.


Silicone lids

Silicone lids are also great for storing your food perfectly. The advantage? They come in all sizes, depending on the size of your containers, and fit all types of containers. What's more, you can simply wash them by hand and use them again.


This way you can reduce your plastic waste.


Glass jars

If you're going zero-waste, you should buy lots of glass jars in different sizes to store your fresh food and bulk groceries, such as, pasta, rice and cereals.


Also, consider glass bottles for storing milk, fruit juice or water.


Bamboo containers

In addition to glass jars, we recommend that you buy several bamboo containers. They will allow you to store your food easily. Moreover, they are easy to wash and can be reused for a long time.



Finally, lunchboxes are essential for storing your food properly. Whether you're preparing for a picnic or simply want to keep some leftovers in your fridge, lunchboxes are ideal and are one of the essential accessories to have at home for a zero-waste kitchen.


You can find all these products on the Lamaisondubambou.com website.


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