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Travelling with your period: what you need to know

When travelling, especially by plane, the menstrual flow can change. In order to avoid accidents and to minimize the inconvenience, here are our tips.


Travelling when you have your period is not as easy as it sounds. You may not know it, but air travel, especially long flights with time differences, can change your menstrual cycle.


Both the altitude and the time difference can affect your period. This is nothing serious, except that it can lead to minor accidents.


Common inconveniences when travelling with your period:

Most often, the menstrual cycle can occur earlier than expected. When you are on a plane, this can trigger or stop your period. Moreover, air travel can also lead to a heavier menstrual flow and, therefore, to leakage. It is strongly recommended that you take precautions when travelling.


A heavier flow also means more persistent odor. It is therefore advisable to use the right protection to reduce menstrual odor as much as possible.


Finally, one of the most common complaints when travelling and having your period is gastric or digestive problems. This may not sound glamorous, but it is a reality.


During the menstrual cycle, we can tend to be more sensitive in this area. We therefore advise you, in order to have the best of travels, to avoid drinking overly sweet and carbonated drinks, which tend not to improve these discomforts.


What are the solutions to make the most of your trip?

In order to limit these imbalances as much as possible, there are a few tips.


For safety's sake, we advise you to wear menstrual panties or a reusable sanitary napkin. What's the point? To avoid leaks and accidents and at the same time provide comfort.


In addition, menstrual panties also help to reduce period odor considerably. So you can have a great trip!

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