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Young parents: how to be zero waste?

Are you a young parent looking to get into slow parenting? Here are our tips for getting started.

Between diapers, wipes, buying new things... You might think it's hard to start consuming more responsibly when you have a baby. But think again! It is also the ideal time to give yourself a new challenge and change your lifestyle and consumption habits.

Before embarking on this zero-waste lifestyle with baby, remember that there is no need to put pressure on yourself to make this change. Not everything can be done in one day, you have to be indulgent with yourself. Starting small will help you to maintain good habits in the long term.

#1 Switch to washable diapers

First of all, when you welcome a newborn, the most expensive and polluting thing are of course the diapers! So why not try washable ones. Many people will cry scandal about a return to the stone age, but get rid of the preconceived ideas, reusable diapers are clean, cheap, healthy and practical. How does it work? All you need to do is buy several washable diapers and several absorbent inserts. Each time you change your it, simply change the inserts. Place the dirty inserts in a mesh bag, then once it's full, run the machine at 40°c.

#2 Go for cleaning wipes

With a baby, we use a lot of paper and wipes, to limit the damage, opt for washable wipes or for washable bamboo fibre cleaning discs. It's practical and economical!

#3 Opt for second-hand items

As soon as a newborn arrives, the expenses start to rise: organising the baby's room, pushchair, cot, etc. You have to hold on tight. To limit expenses and be careful with your consumption habits, opt for second-hand items. On many websites you can find accessories and objects at reasonable prices, and you can also buy them second-hand. Because yes, a baby grows up fast and you often need to change or upgrade your equipment. This applies to textiles, lifestyle accessories, decoration and other items.

#4 Focus on the essentials

Finally, when it comes to shopping, there's no need to over-consume. Stick to the essentials: don't buy multiple baby bottles, toys, dummies or clothes - no more gadgets! Furthermore, opt for ecological, healthy materials such as organic cotton for textiles, bamboo fibre, wood for toys, bamboo for certain kitchen accessories or bioplastic. By following these tips, you will limit your consumption and embark on a process of slow parenting. It's up to you!

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