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Back to work: How to follow a zero waste approach in your office ?

It's almost back to work! And back to work means a return to good habits. Here are our tips for continuing your zero waste approach even at the office.

Following a more eco-friendly approach to consumption doesn't stop once you've left the house. It's totally possible to integrate zero waste consumption outside the home, even at the office. All it takes is a small organisation, the right equipment and to get used to the change in lifestyle. 

While returning to the office often means plastic coffee cups, plastic waste and ready-made meals, it is possible to change your habits even in an open space.

#1 Your cup shall be kept

We avoid using plastic cups for our coffee. The best thing to do is to buy a classic coffee cup and reuse it easily. After each coffee, you can simply wash it before using it again. Practical and more environmentally friendly!


#2 You will prepare your own lunchbox 

Forget the ready to eat meals bought on the street corner and often packed with plastic wrappers, opt for tupperware instead. You can use bento boxes that you prepare at home in advance. They usually come with a cutlery set. You can also buy a set of bamboo cutlery, to limit your waste at lunchtime.

#3 Keep your water bottle with you 

There's no need to keep buying plastic bottles of water. Fill a stainless steel water bottle with fresh water or the drink of your choice and it will serve you throughout the day. You can even leave one at your office. You don't have to take it home every night. Just fill it with water at the office and put it in your office fridge (if there is one). 


#4 The Printer Will Not Be Used Anymore

As you can imagine, the printer is one of the most polluting tools in an office. So limit the quantity of documents you print as much as possible. You can also make it clear to your co-workers that you only want to use digital communication.

#5 Take your bike 

Finally, to get to the office, limit the car and your carbon footprint. Instead, opt for a bicycle, public transport or walking, if possible. 

With these tips, you will limit your waste and be more responsible! It's up to you!

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