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Our tips for 100% zero waste period

Periods are not the best time to be zero-waste, but you'll see that it's totally possible to change your habits. Here are our tips.

Disposable towels, wipes, tampons... It's not always easy to limit your waste and your ecological impact when you have your period. However, it is totally possible to radically change your habits in order to consume better and, above all, take care of yourself during this period. Thanks to several accessories and products, it is now possible to have a 100% zero waste period.

1/ Switch to washable menstrual pads

To make the changeover as smooth as possible, you can start by using reusable and therefore washable sanitary towels. Clipped into your panties, this technique considerably reduces your plastic waste and ensures effective and odourless protection. This product is ideal at night.

2/ Try the menstrual knickers

Just like washable sanitary pads, menstrual knickers will literally change your life. Imagine waking up in the morning, only having to put on a menstrual knickers and not having to worry about your period during the day. That's the end of the menstrual weight. There are many models to suit your menstrual flow. In addition, menstrual panties provide comfort, convenience and protection without leaks. You'll love it! A perfect alternative to tampons.

3/ Dare to use free instinctive flow

Finally, if you want to limit your impact to 100%, you can try the practice of free instinctive flow. The principle? Control your body and listen to it so you know when your period is coming. By controlling your menstrual flow, you don't need to wear protection and so you can feel totally free. If you do try it, remember to pack a pair of menstrual panties in your bag during your learning phase to avoid accidents.


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