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Testimony: a week in my menstrual cycle without taboos

Ava, 26 years old, agreed to give us the details of her menstrual cycle. Between pain, adaptation and tips to feel good, she tells us everything.


We do not teach you anything, all women are different, and their menstrual cycle too. However, most menstruating women feel the same pains during their period. Muscle aches, headaches, stomach aches, mood swings and more, getting your period is no fun.


Ava, 26 years old and regulated since the age of 14, tells us without complex this menstrual period that she lives each month and especially which evolves since several years.


Can the menstrual cycle change?

We often think that the menstrual cycle remains fixed throughout our lives. This is a preconceived idea; it evolves constantly. Having your period is a natural process that causes hormonal fluctuations. Depending on the different periods of her life, the duration or even the pain caused by her period can vary.


"It is May 10, I am supposed to have my period in 15 days, I still have pills on my contraceptive package, but when I wake up this morning, I feel that I have a stomach ache, Ava confides to us".


She adds:


"For years, my cycle was pretty similar. Every month it was the same, the day before my first bleeding I had a slight pain in my stomach and my breasts hurt. (...) For about a year now, the pains have been coming earlier and earlier, during my ovulation period, my breasts hurt terribly, almost all month long. And that, I can't explain."



"I'm so hungry, I could eat an ogre."


Periods and food cravings

Generally, on the first day of the period, you feel pain in the belly, the breasts are more sensitive, you can also be hypersensitive. The flow of bleeding can also change throughout the cycle.


It's the day, it's the 25th of May, I have my period," says Ava. This morning, clearly, I am on an abundant flow. (...) As usual I have my little routine, I put on my favorite menstrual panties, I choose a comfortable outfit and I start working."


Many women experience food cravings during their period, like urges. This is notably the case of Ava.


"It may seem surprising, honestly I don't know if it's my body telling me 'eat to forget your pain' or just a need I have to fill, but the first two days of my period I'm so hungry I could eat an ogre. After that it calms down, thankfully (laughs)."



Menstrual panties: a way to better live your cycle?

Most women, start, from their first menstrual cycle, by using tampons or disposable sanitary pads.


Beyond the health risks, due to the chemical residues present in these products, disposable menstrual protection is not an option that suits all women.


Allergic to tampons, Ava confides that until a few years ago, she mainly used disposable sanitary pads.


"I couldn't see any other alternatives, and the menstrual cup didn't work for me. What bothered me with sanitary pads was that the smell of menstruation was very strong and really unpleasant. On top of that, I had to change pads regularly".


She adds:


"When the reusable sanitary pads came out and then the menstrual panties, honestly, I wasn't necessarily excited from the start. It's probably because I'm a bit 'precious'. Curious, I tested it anyway. And frankly since, it's been a renaissance, I swear by menstrual panties."


Menstrual panties, in addition to their comfort, bring a feeling of freedom. Exit the mental burden of saying to yourself 'I have to change my protection', the panties can be worn between 6h to 8h depending on your flow. And this is not the only advantage. They reduce odor considerably and have a lifespan of between 3 and 5 years.


On Lamaisondubambou.com, you can find a large selection of menstrual pants and reusable sanitary napkins adapted to all types of flow and needs.


To finish, Ava gave us some tips that she applies during her menstrual cycle:


"I have learned to take it easy when I have my period, and above all, I listen to my body. I feel like doing sports, I do it. I feel hungry? I eat. I want to take a nap, I take one on my lunch break. In short, I listen to myself a lot, which allows me to have all my energy when I need it," she confides."


Finally, if you experience unusual pain or do not feel like your usual self, do not hesitate to consult a specialist regularly.


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