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Toxic shock: best advice to avoid it

Toxic shock syndrome is an infectious disease, caused in most cases by incorrect use of sanitary protection. Here is our advice on how to avoid it.

For some years now, health authorities have been warning about the dangers of toxic shock syndrome, particularly with the use of periodical products. As a reminder, toxic shock syndrome is an infection caused by the presence of blood in the vagina for too long. This can lead to staphylococcus aureus, which can attack organs and lead to dramatic consequences, such as death or limb amputation.


How to reduce the risk of toxic shock?

In order to avoid being affected by this infection, there are some tips to follow. One of the most important things is not to wear a periodical protection such as a tampon or a sanitary napkin for longer than the recommended time. In general, a tampon can be worn for 4 to 6 hours, depending on whether your flow is light, medium or heavy. The same is true for a menstrual cup, a disposable or washable sanitary napkin or even a menstrual panty. Although reusable protection is less dangerous to health, it is recommended to change protection regularly. The most important thing to know is that blood should not remain in the vagina for too long, but should be drained off.

Finally, it is not recommended to sleep with a tampon or menstrual cup. The reason? The possibility of blood stagnating for more than 6 hours. It is therefore advisable to sleep with a reusable sanitary napkin or menstrual knickers. This will also be much more comfortable. 

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