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Signs that your period is coming

While some women can easily identify the start of their period each month, others find it more difficult. Here we take a look at the signs that prove that your period is coming.

What are the common symptoms that indicate the imminent arrival of a period? Do all women have the same symptoms? If you are menstruating, you have probably already asked yourself these questions about the menstrual cycle.

Common symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms of menstruation are: stomach ache, headache, bloating, tiredness, chest pain, mood swings and food cravings. The reason for these symptoms? Hormonal fluctuations that play tricks on you. Usually, these symptoms last for 2-3 days before your period and then during your period. However, for some women, the onset of menstruation can be felt much earlier and does not have the same impact.

Premenstrual syndrome

For some women, the onset of menstruation is felt throughout the month or for several days during the month. This phenomenon of more aggressive and longer-lasting symptoms has a name: premenstrual syndrome. This is referred to as stomach pains, headaches, mood swings or aches and pains that can be disabling in everyday life for the person concerned. Premenstrual syndrome occurs when it prevents a woman from carrying out an activity that is normally easy.

Some women may also be affected by premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Like premenstrual syndrome, this is manifested by pain, but in this case, more psychological and mental than physical. The notion of dysphoric disorder is evoked when the person's mood deteriorates and experiences a severe form of depression or mood swings. In these two cases, it is essential to consult a specialist in order to be accompanied.

As you will have understood, the signs that prove the arrival of menstruation can vary according to the woman, but some are more common than others. Regular follow-up with a specialist is recommended.


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