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5 tips for a successful ecological transition #nostress

Do you want to start consuming more responsibly but don't know where to start? Here are 5 tips to make your ecological transition a success.


It's not always easy to start your ecological transition. Between the change of habits, the new reflexes to take and the feeling of guilt of not succeeding from the start, it can add a lot of pressure. Here are a few tips to change your habits with peace of mind.


Set goals

Before starting your ecological transition, it is important to set short- and medium-term goals. Start by making a list of things you can change in your daily life, starting now. For example: buy in bulk, reduce your plastic waste, trade your car for a bicycle, etc.


In the long term, you can make a list of things you can do: make your own household products, create your own compost, limit air travel, etc.


Consume better

In order for your ecological transition to begin gradually, change your consumption habits as you go along. For example, don't buy your products in big box stores anymore, favor short circuits. How can you do this? By buying from your butcher, greengrocer etc.


Also opt for bulk purchases to be poured into jars once at home. Replace plastic bottles with glass ones. Finally, do your shopping with net bags or reusable tote-bags.



In the bathroom, you can also, from the start, swap make-up removal pads or cotton buds for reusable bamboo fiber products. It's practical, easy to use and better for the planet.


Don't feel guilty

It is useless to feel guilty when you could not spend a 100% zero-waste and ecological day. The ideal is to start small and then change all your habits. Tell yourself that starting this ecological transition is already a big step. Feeling guilty could make you give up, while each small gesture is already great for the planet.


Start to make your own

You can also, as time goes by, start making homemade products. Start with simple things, like a recipe for homemade laundry or dishwashing liquid. After that, you can tackle homemade shampoo or soap.


Give yourself time

Finally, we advise you to give yourself time and therefore to establish a transition plan that you can implement according to your habits, the changes you need to make and your daily organization. You can't be perfect overnight, the ecological transition can sometimes take time, but the main thing is to get started.

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