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Period swimwear: why is it game changer?

Having your period when you're on holiday at the beach and in the sun is not fun. Here are 5 good reasons to adopt a menstrual swimwear.

Who hasn't dreamt of being able to swim during their period without having a tampon inserted into their vagina? Let's be honest, there's nothing more unpleasant than having your period when you have to/want to swim. Luckily for us menstruating women, after the revolutionary invention of menstrual knickers and reusable sanitary pads, brands have started to create menstrual swimwear. And we're totally convinced.

#1 Don't worry about leaks

A menstrual swimwear is a swimsuit that can be worn during your period and will perfectly absorb your menstrual flow. In other words, no more disposable pads and no more panic about leaking when you get out of the water.

#2 Comfort above all

What could be better than feeling comfortable in your underwear or swimwear? The great thing about a menstrual swim suit is that it's designed to protect you with an additional dose of comfort.

#3 It's easy to wash

Like menstrual panties, menstrual swimwear is very easy to wash. After using it, simply rinse it in cold water and place it in a mesh bag. Then put it in the washing machine (delicate cycle) or wash it by hand. Caution: it must be dried in the open air in order not to alter the quality of the absorbent pads.

#4 It can be worn for a long time

A menstrual swimming costume can be worn for 2 to 3 hours. So there's no need to run to the bathroom after each swim. You can enjoy several hours at the beach or pool and swimming without worrying about leaks.

#5 It's trendy

Finally, no more menstrual swimming costumes with diaper-like panties, now there are ultra trendy menstrual swimming costumes that show off your figure. And that's not all, depending on the model, they adapt to your style, your morphology and your flow. In short, it's the ideal summer ally. So, are you convinced?

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