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Furoshiki: the zero-waste packaging that will change your daily life

Have you heard of Furoshiki, the Japanese packaging that reduces waste? We tell you more.

Whether it's for wrapping a gift, a book or transporting an object, furoshiki - in French "baluchon" - is THE effective zero-waste method of packaging. This concept comes straight from Japan and consists in wrapping what you want in a piece of cloth, respecting the traditional folding. At the time, this technique was used to wrap valuable objects. Today, it is the ideal zero-waste ally and allows you to reuse fabric. You can use it to wrap an object or to wrap a gift. An ecological way to reduce your daily paper and plastic waste. 

How does it work?

Furoshiki is available in several sizes and fabric models. It is preferable to use a fabric made of organic cotton or natural material. You can also use a scarf, a sheet or any other piece of soft fabric. Furoshiki is traditionally rectangular, but for smaller objects it can be square.

Furoshiki is not limited to wrapping gifts. It is possible to wrap different objects, such as bento, money, books, a bottle, etc. Furoshiki is usually made in a variety of Japanese designs, but it is also possible to use any fabric you like with a clean graphic or colorful design. 

What are the advantages of furoshiki?

Among the advantages of this zero-waste packaging, we note its ecological asset. It is made of natural and reusable fabric. It also makes it possible to give new life to old, unused fabrics, which is a kind of upcycling. Furoshiki is also trendy and design oriented. In general, it looks good. Finally, it is useful because it can be used for you or for a loved one when it is a gift. In short, it is the ideal packaging.
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