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Painful periods: our tips for relieving pain

Only menstruating women and menstruating men can understand the pain experienced during a menstrual cycle. It is well known that when our periods come every month, they don't come alone.


Most often, menstruation is accompanied by abdominal pain of varying degrees of severity, headaches, muscular pain and hormonal fluctuations. In short, it is far from being a pleasure.

 To help you live this period more serenely, we reveal 5 tested and approved tips to relieve the pain of your period.


Changing your diet

If you experience abdominal pain, it is recommended that you pay attention to your diet. At this time of the month, menstruation is often accompanied by digestive pain in addition to stomach aches. As a result, in order to avoid making your situation worse, it is advisable to eat foods that are low in sugar and not greasy. Basically, avoid burgers, sweets and chocolates as much as possible. Granted, it's not exactly cool to do without them, but your digestive problems will be solved quickly if you avoid them.


On the other hand, you are advised to eat magnesium-rich foods such as almonds, bananas and nuts. These products help reduce aches and discomfort. 



Even if the desire to play sports during your period is sometimes close to zero, be aware that certain sports activities can relieve your pain. For example, practicing yoga will help reduce your back or stomach pain thanks to certain postures, such as the upside-down dog position.


Practicing a sports activity during your period is perfectly possible. The key is to find the right balance. The ideal is to adapt your sports sessions according to your condition, your mood and your desires. You can perfectly allow yourself a running session and the next day opt for 15 minutes of Pilates to relieve your pain. In short, listen to yourself. 


Warming up

You probably know this thousand-year-old trick: placing a hot water bottle on your stomach for abdominal pain or on your lower back for other ailments will relieve you. Indeed, the contact of heat on the painful area can have a beneficial effect on your aches and pains.


Making love

It is perfectly possible to have sexual activity during your period and there is nothing taboo about it. The good news is that having sex during your menstrual cycle can relieve pain. The reason? Sexual activity triggers the production of large amounts of endorphins, which have pain-relieving benefits.


Our tips for sexual activity during your period:


Talk about it with your partner, so that everyone? You both agree.

Prepare the ground: think about taking out a small towel so as not to dirty your sheets or have sex in the shower if you prefer.

Opt for safe positions such as the missionary or the spoon, this will avoid leaks.

Consult a doctor

Finally, if you have tried everything and your period is far too painful, it is recommended that you consult a specialist, such as a doctor or gynecologist.


Pain during your cycle can be caused by diseases such as endometriosis, an STD or STI, an ovarian cyst, a tumor or an infection. This is why it is important to consult one or more doctors so that they can prescribe an effective treatment for you.


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