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5 beauty tips to follow to take care of your skin at night

Who hasn't dreamt of having beautiful skin that's soft, smooth and moisturized as soon as they wake up? Here are our tips for taking care of your skin effectively even during the night.

Let's be honest, taking care of your skin on a daily basis is not an easy task. Dry and tightened by too cold temperatures or hard, burnt and oily water due to too hot temperatures or too salty water. In short, no matter where you are in the world, the functioning and reactions of your skin can be a real mystery to be solved.

Beyond the fact that it is important to take care of it during the day, by moisturizing it with natural skincare products for example, it is strongly advised to set up a beauty routine in the evening so that your skin is in full health even during the night when you are in the arms of Morpheus.


Here are 5 steps to follow to give your skin the radiance it deserves:

Removing make-up

This is surely the most important step in your evening routine: make-up removal. Why is it essential? Quite simply because leaving your face with make-up from the day before, including outside pollution, bacteria that may have stuck to it during the day, will increase the chances of imperfections appearing.

To remove your make-up without irritating your face, we recommend that you use reusable make-up removal discs on which you place your skincare product or micellar water. They allow you to reduce your daily waste while taking care of your skin without damaging it. The Bamboo House website offers reusable make-up remover discs and cotton pads at low prices for your greatest pleasure.



Once you are finished with the make-up removal step, remember to thoroughly cleanse your skin. How do you do it? With adapted care products that cleanse your epidermis thoroughly. On the accessory side, we advise you to use a konjac sponge for a gentle cleansing. Remember to moisten it before use.


The scrub

One evening a week, it is advisable to carry out an exfoliating scrub or treatment. The aim? Deeply cleanse your skin and remove the dead cells it naturally produces. Performing an exfoliation allows you to refine your skin's texture and promises a better efficiency of your moisturizing cream.


To carry out this exfoliation, The Bamboo House recommends that you moisten a Luffa sponge and gently wipe it over your skin. In addition to removing your dead cells, the scrub also stimulates blood circulation and therefore gives you a fresher complexion.



Before going to bed, remember to apply your moisturizer or nourishing oil to your face. This will have a perfect effect on your skin during the night and will act effectively. When you wake up, it will be soft and ready to face the day.


The silk pillowcase

If you want to give yourself the best chance of having soft, moisturized and flawless skin, opt for a silk pillowcase. It helps to limit the folds of sleep on your face that often form due to rubbing too much abrasive fabric on your face. A silk pillowcase helps to avoid tiring your skin.


Finally, we advise you to eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep and drink plenty of water every day to keep your skin healthy!

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