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How can I effectively clean my water bottle?

Do you use a stainless-steel water bottle every day? Here are our tips for daily care.


To start a transition to a zero-waste approach, why not start by using a reusable stainless-steel flask?


The advantages of a reusable stainless-steel flask:

Unlike a plastic bottle, the stainless-steel or thermos flask reduces everyday waste, saves money and protects the environment. Nice, isn't it?


In addition to being very practical on a daily basis - for pouring hot or cold drinks all year round – stainless-steel bottles allow you to start a more responsible approach and above all a transition towards a change in your daily habits.


Which model of stainless-steel flask to choose?

It is important to choose a model of bottle that you like and that combines efficiency, ease of maintenance and practicality. The Bamboo House offers many stainless-steel water bottles with a capacity of 500ML.


While some have fancy designs, others are more sober. The site also sells gourds adapted for children with playful and amusing prints, such as animals for example.


On the price side, the stainless-steel isothermal water bottles are sold between £17.90 and £27.90. Enough to find happiness without breaking the bank!


How do you clean your stainless-steel flask or thermos flask efficiently?

If you are investing in a reusable stainless-steel flask, it is however important to follow the care advice to the letter to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.


To do this, it is advisable to:

 Empty and clean your gourd with neutral soap and hot water before and after each use.

Do not put in the dishwasher, microwave oven, traditional oven or freezer.

Use a non-abrasive accessory. Do not clean your water bottle with a metal sponge.

Dry the bottle upside down.

Store the gourd with the container open to allow the bottle to breathe between uses.



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