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Mood note: These sentences we don't want to hear anymore about the periods

When you are a menstruating person, you are bound to receive sexist remarks. Here is a summary of all those phrases that we don't want to hear anymore. 

Let's be honest, we've all experienced sexist comments when we had our period. Whether it's in our daily lives, by our male relatives, at work by co-workers or even by friends, having your period has sometimes been a source of unpleasant comments. And since we're fed up with it, why not make a summary of the remarks we don't want to hear (ever) again. 

"Are you a boring today, do you have your period ?"

Do we need to remind you if we want to be a naughty girl, we can do it all year round and every day of the month? It's true that having your period causes hormonal fluctuations and therefore sometimes mood swings for most women, but that's no reason to "throw" this kind of remark at us. You're not the one who's suffering, are you? 

"Just because you're on your period doesn't mean you have to be unpleasant!"

Yes, let's talk about premenstrual syndrome and the pain we all feel when we get our period. Between the digestive problems, headaches, stomach pains, mood swings, loss of appetite, bleeding, vaginal pain... It's enough to make you a little irritated. No ?

"Oh, it's okay, it's not the death to have your period" 

No, it's true, it's not the death to have your period, and it's natural. However, it can be very debilitating on a daily basis and painful for most women. 

"She has her period, she is completely hysterical"

"Hysteria" is a term that is frequently used by men to refer to women whenever they get angry or disagree. No, we are not hysterical, just angry or annoyed. Do you know the measure of words? 

"You can't work just because you have your period?"

It is common that having your period at work is not an excuse for not working or asking for time off. Yet many women suffer from violent aches and pains during this period and sometimes even during the month for those with endometriosis. It is therefore time to raise awareness, for both women and men, about menstruation at work. Moreover, in some countries of the world, menstrual leave has already been introduced.

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