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Menstrual knickers big size: where to find them?

Are you looking for a menstrual knickers that suits your body shape? Don't panic. We've found some hidden gems. 

Although many body shapes are increasingly represented in advertisements and in stores, there is still work to be done. While menstrual knickers are becoming a woman's best friend and are becoming more and more popular, some women still can't enjoy them. The reason? The lack of available sizes and models adapted to their morphology. 

Which model to choose? 

Fortunately, some specialist brands, such as the website The Bamboo House, have chosen to offer the same models, for all, ranging from 6 to 22. Yes, you read that right! The aim? To allow all women to enjoy their period and their menstrual cycle. Another advantage, and not the least, is the choice of various models. Large size often means classic and practical design. 

However, all women and body types have the right to be sexy. The Bamboo House offers more than 10 different models of trendy menstrual panties: leopard print, lace, polka dots, coloured... There is something for everyone!

Among our favourites? The famous leopard model which enhances all morphologies and ensures comfort and protection. Don't deprive yourself anymore!

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