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How to take care of your vulva?

How do you clean your vulva properly?

What are the daily steps to follow to take care of it? We tell you everything.

Having good intimate hygiene is essential for taking care of your female organs, especially your vulva. But what is this part that we must pamper on a daily basis?

What is a vulva?

The vulva, often confused with the vagina, is actually the external part of the female reproductive organ. It plays a part in the good health of your vagina. This is why it is important to take care of it by adopting good intimate hygiene, but not only.

Taking care of your vulva: what should you do on a daily basis?

Opt for menstrual panties

To take care of your vulva during your menstrual cycle, it is recommended that you wear reusable menstrual panties. The bamboo fiber and organic cotton material does not irritate the vulva, even during this sensitive period.

Use suitable products

It is also recommended to use suitable products on a daily basis. For example, organic panties or underwear that will take care of your vulva, or neutral shower gels without chemicals that will not irritate it. 

Clean your vulva after each sexual encounter

After every sexual encounter, it is recommended that all women go to the bathroom and clean their vulva. Why? It helps to avoid the risk of urinary tract infections where bacteria are present. 

Monitoring the vulva

It is also important to regularly check the condition of your vulva. If you feel that your vulva has changed, become swollen, irritated or red, it is advisable not to wait to consult a doctor.

How do I clean my vulva properly?

To clean your vulva properly, it is advisable to shower at least once a day. Or even twice during the menstrual period. It is also recommended that you use a neutral or specialized soap for intimate hygiene. This will thoroughly clean your vulva without irritating it.

It is also advisable to clean this part of your body gently and lovingly. The more irritated the vulva is, the more pain and infection it can cause.

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