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Buying in bulk: how to do it efficiently?

You want to start a zero-waste approach and practice buying in bulk? Here are our tips to make this transition as smooth as possible.


Shopping in bulk is good, but it requires a whole new organization when shopping. In order to make it easier for you. We reveal you some practical advice.


Equip yourself to buy in bulk

Before starting to buy in bulk, it is important to equip yourself with good accessories. Among them we find:


Net bags

Fabric pouches and bags

Glass jars

Metal or bamboo lunch boxes

Glass or metal bottles

With these accessories, you will be able to shop and store them at home in the easiest way possible, without any constraints.


Don't forget that shopping in bulk also requires daily organization. For example, make sure you always have a reusable bag and bulk pouches with you. The reason? If you want to do your shopping after work, you will have everything you need at your disposal.


Start smoothly

Buying in bulk requires a new organization of your daily life. In order not to get discouraged in the long run, it is advisable to start gently. For example, start by buying your vegetables and starches in bulk. Then, over time, add cereals, drinks, etc. Don't put pressure on yourself.


Choosing the merchants to buy in bulk

It is also important to check out the stores near your home or workplace to find out where you can easily find your bulk products. Defining beforehand a list of shops close to your home will save you time and will facilitate your daily organization.


Respect the rules of hygiene

Finally, when buying in bulk, it is important to follow hygiene rules. It is recommended to regularly wash and sterilize containers in boiling water (glass jars, metal cans, containers, etc.). Make sure your hands are always clean before handling your containers. Finally, after each use, clean your accessories.


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