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Postpartum: how to take care of your intimate parts after giving birth?

After childbirth, the intimate parts are weakened, so it is essential to take care of them.

How can you do this? By performing the right gestures and using the right products. Here are some explanations.

Blood loss, vaginal pain, vaginal odor, vaginal discharge... there are many stresses on a woman's body after a vaginal delivery. In order to regain a balance in her intimate hygiene and especially to take care of her private parts, there are a few things to do.

How to maintain intimate hygiene?

It is essential to take care of your private parts in the postpartum period. Regardless of the type of delivery, this area of the body is fragile and sensitive. It is therefore important to carry out intimate hygiene every day, and even several times a day if you are bleeding. Caution: it is important to avoid penetration during this period in order to allow healing and a rebalancing of the vaginal flora. It is possible to resume sexual activity, generally after 3 weeks or even a month after giving birth.


In addition, certain materials can irritate sensitive skin. To avoid this, it is recommended to use cotton underwear. After giving birth, menstrual panties can be a great ally. Gone are the not-so-glamorous nappies, and these can be used to collect discharge and bleeding, also known as "lochia". So you can be totally serene. It also considerably reduces vaginal odor. Its sexy design and its cotton and bamboo fiber material ensure comfort and protection. In short, you'll never leave it. A reusable sanitary napkin can also be ideal for protection.

What products should I use?

After childbirth, it is therefore recommended to use the right products. For a delivery with an episiotomy, it is important that the scar heals and does not become infected. It is therefore advisable to use healing products. Use pH-neutral soaps that are free of toxic or aggressive substances. Your private parts should be treated gently. And this applies to all types of childbirth, even without tearing.

As you can see, the postpartum period is not to be taken lightly. Certain products, such as menstrual panties or pH-neutral soaps, will ensure care and serenity. It's up to you!

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