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Follow these detox cures for feeling good!

Detoxing the body

1/ To start your detox, we eliminate alcoholic drinks, too fatty dishes and favor healthy and natural recipes. For the morning, we advise you to squeeze a lemon and add hot water. This tip is perfect to boost you as soon as you wake up and purge your body.

2/ You can also bet on detox meals based on cabbage, rice or fennel. These foods are perfect for feeling less bloated and lighter. In short, it's the ideal remedy after the festive season. Our favorite recipe? A red cabbage compote to be cooked with a few onions and bacon. #Delicious!


Skin detoxification

A good detox does not only stop at the body, but also at the skin. To do this, we say stop the make-up and let your skin breathe. You can treat yourself to exfoliating sessions with loofah cotton wool and cleanse your skin with a little water and reusable cotton wool and vegetable oil. You will see, in just a few days, your skin will be very soft. Don't forget to moisturize it too, with shea butter for example.


Digital detox

Finally, in order to succeed in detoxing as well as possible, it is strongly advised to let go of the phone for a few days or at least a few hours a day. You should be content with a good book and a sports session. It does just as much good.


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