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What physical activity should I do when I have my period?

Which sport should you choose during your period?

If there's one thing we should all agree on, it's the fact that during the menstrual cycle, we're not at our best.

Fatigue, muscular pain, headaches, bloating, digestive problems and so on make it difficult to be full of energy and to motivate yourself to do physical activity when you have your period. However, it is obvious that having your period is not a reason to stop everything, far from it.


Adapting your sports routine during your period

It is totally possible to practice a sporting activity when you have your period. The ideal is to adapt your sports sessions according to your condition, your mood and your desires. How can you do this? By adjusting the exercises.

 If you tend to run and you are tired on the first few days of your period, do a more moderate, shorter than normal running session. If you're not in shape to go out running, opt for a muscle-building session from home.

During your cycle, you may experience water retention, heavy legs, breast pain or back pain. Physical activities that require rapid movement or sessions that are too intense may be more difficult to perform.

According to the expert gynecologist Carole Maître interviewed by Madame Figaro: "Rules do not prevent you from practicing but limit performance.

It is therefore recommended to listen to each other. You can also focus on less cardio sports such as Pilates and Yoga or swimming.


Does doing sport relieve the pain of menstruation?

You may not know it, but sports activity can increase your blood flow to the uterus. In this way, it can relieve the pain in your body.

Finally, in order to feel as comfortable as possible during this period, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing in which you feel good.

Avoid tight jeans, for example, and opt for more comfortable clothing, such as long dresses and flowing trousers. In terms of underwear, opt for menstrual panties. Not only are they comfortable, they also prevent leaks and are odorless.


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