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5 mistakes not to make with a reusable sanitary napkin

No more odors, health risks or discomfort, the washable sanitary napkin is a real asset during a menstrual cycle. Before adopting it, there are a few mistakes not to make. Here they are.


You would like to take a more responsible approach to consumption while taking care of your health? Using reusable sanitary napkins is the right option for you.


In addition to providing you with more comfort and freedom during your menstrual cycle, washable pads considerably limit the risk of toxic shock, vaginal infections and reduce menstrual odors. However, there are some mistakes you should not make when using these pads.


Washing your reusable pad at over 40°C

It is essential to wash your reusable pad in a washing machine at about 30°/40° C, not more. The reason? Above this temperature, the heat can damage the towel over time. It is also advisable to choose a natural detergent to reduce the use of chemicals.


Choosing the wrong pad size

A sanitary napkin can tend to move slightly. It is therefore important to choose the right size to avoid discomfort and the possibility of leaking. The Lamaisondubambou.com website offers different sizes and designs of reusable pads. Something to suit everyone.


Putting your towel in the dryer

There's no need to put your reusable sanitary napkins in the dryer. The heat damages the fibers of the pads and reduces the absorption of the sanitary protection.


Not choosing the right model for your flow

To ensure good protection during your period, it is important to choose a washable pad that corresponds to your menstrual flow: whether it is light, medium or heavy. Lamaisondubambou.com offers a wide selection of towels with different sizes, designs and absorption capacity. 


Not having an airtight storage pouch

If there's one thing to remember when using reusable pads, it's that you should always carry an airtight storage pouch. It allows you to store used towels until you get home or to put spare ones.

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