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What they don't tell us about stopping the contraceptive pill...

Have you stopped taking the contraceptive pill and are discovering many things you didn't know?

That's normal, and here's why.

Have you decided to stop taking the contraceptive pill? There are some things you probably don't know that we should tell you about.
When you take a contraceptive pill at a very young age, you tend not to know the real side effects of the contraceptive, other than its function of blocking pregnancy.

But it's no surprise to anyone that the contraceptive pill, whether it's a microdose or not, has many side effects. And surprise: when you stop taking it, your body is completely turned upside down and it is sometimes even difficult to find your way around. So, to avoid unpleasant surprises, here is everything you need to know when you stop taking the contraceptive pill.

#1 Your hair will fall out

As surprising as it may seem, stopping the pill causes some women to lose their hair. So we're not talking about large areas of hair, but you may notice a loss of volume, a different hair texture. A temporary loss of hair, which is simply due to hormonal change. So there's no need to worry, just wait for your body to find its hormonal balance.

#2 Your body, you will discover

When you stop taking the contraceptive pill and no longer take a hormone replacement, your body returns to normal, or at least to its natural state.
As a result, you will be able to experience your entire menstrual cycle and all its phases. The menstrual pain may be more or less intense, the vaginal discharge will take on a different texture (creamy in the first phase, slippery and like an egg white during ovulation, and whitish before the period. During ovulation, you may also experience spontaneous bleeding in the middle of the cycle. This is nothing to worry about, it is just spotting. The flow of your period may also change, either heavier or lighter.

#3 Your libido will come back

This is one of the biggest changes when you come off the pill: your libido will return. You will feel more of a desire and need to satisfy your sexual urges and libido. And there's nothing to be ashamed of, quite the opposite.

#4 Your mood will change

If your mood was linear when you were on hormonal contraception, this should change when you stop the pill. You may experience more mood fluctuations. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder may also stand out and generate

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