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Upcycling, what is it ?

After recycling, upcycling is shaking up our habits in order to adopt a more responsible lifestyle. We tell you more about this ecological and beneficial process for the planet.



As the society of overconsumption gradually destroys the resources of our planet, it is time to change our way of consuming. Less plastic, less waste, more second hand, more recycling and more responsible consumption. In other words, we consume less and better.


Among the various trends that have emerged in the face of the planet's ecological gravity, there is of course recycling, zero waste, eco-responsibility but also upcycling.



What is upcycling?


Simply put, upcycling means making something new out of something old, but more precisely, making something beautiful out of something old. How does it work? By using various craft, artistic and manual methods.


Upcycling means transforming an object, a product, a piece of clothing in order to give it a second life, which is not necessarily identical to its first function. For example, you can use old wooden pallets to make a bar or even a coffee table out of wood scraps.


This also applies to textiles. Take an old pair of jeans, for example, and turn them into a bag or a bandana? (very fashionable at the moment). With this method, you reduce your ecological impact and let your creativity do the talking.



Brands are getting into the upcycling game

The good news is that many brands are now getting into upcycling. Their goal? To appeal to Generation Z, which is increasingly committed to a more responsible approach to consumption.


One of the brands that are going upcycling is the American fashion label Reformation. To create its collections, it uses only upcycled textiles. The same goes for the British brand Asos, which has launched a "Reclaimed Vintage" line made entirely from upcycled pieces. The same goes for the vintage boutiques Kiliwatch, which transforms its own second-hand products for resale.


Upcycling is also booming in the world of decoration and furniture. The only downside to this approach - considered a trend by some - is the price of upcycled products. Why is this? Because of the work done on each piece, the prices are sometimes higher than fast-fashion products, it goes without saying.



How do I get started with upcycling?

If you want to start upcycling little by little, it is possible!


Before you throw something away or give it away, consider different perspectives and imagine how you could transform it. In short, let your imagination run wild and you'll often be surprised at the results.


So, do you want to get started?


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