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These natural plants with amazing benefits

You've tried everything, but nothing works. Your periods are always as painful as ever? Here are 3 plants that should soothe your pain.


Every month, it's the same story, your periods are painful and heavy? If grandmother's tricks, such as the hot water bottle on the belly or the medicines of a specialist still do not work, why not try natural plants?


The power of plants to heal

While some plants promote digestion, make it easier to fall asleep, and stimulate desire, others cure aches and pains. Some of them are specialized in painful and heavy periods.


How to consume the plants?


These natural plants can be taken as an extract in a glass of water or as an herbal tea. However, before taking any plants, it is recommended to consult a specialist such as a naturopath, herbalist or phytotherapist.


3 natural painkillers

Lemon balm

This plant is said to have anti-depressant and soothing properties and to regulate moods. It is ideal during the menstrual cycle, when mood changes can be recurrent. How to consume it?  As an herbal tea, by infusing the lemon balm leaves in hot water for a few minutes. Drink it every morning during the cycle.



If you tend to have painful periods, this plant should help you. It has relaxing properties and is said to be anti-inflammatory. How to use it? By pouring a few drops of yarrow extract (between 30 and 50) into a glass of water. Note: this product can be found in organic shops.



Do you have heavy periods? The Alchemilla plant could regulate your flow. Indeed, as reported by Santé Magazine, this plant stimulates the production of progesterone, and the higher the level of progesterone (hormone), the less abundant your periods will be. How to consume it? By pouring a few drops of Alchemilla extract into a glass of water at the beginning of your menstrual cycle, a few days before your period arrives.

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