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How does a waste-free day go?

Do you always find excuses not to go for zero-waste?

Get motivated! You'll see that it's not as complicated as it sounds!

In 2016, UK alone produced nearly 4.5 million tons of plastic waste, or about 66.6 kg of packaging and other residues per person.

To act and try to reduce waste at our level, there are various alternatives; in particular, the zero-waste approach. What is the

zero-waste approach? Quite simply the desire to reduce waste on a daily basis and also to rethink consumption from a global point of view. If you too have this mania for always buying, throwing away, buying, throwing away, now is the time to act!

It couldn't be easier. First of all, start this process by making choices. For example, stop using plastic bottles and packaging. The same goes for straws. Opt for bamboo models. In other words, reduce packaging. Learn to reuse by using glass containers, jars or washable and reusable containers. The same goes for the bathroom: reusable sanitary napkins, bamboo cotton buds or reusable beeswax food films.


How does a waste-free day go?

It starts by taking your reusable bottle with you in the morning and then your coffee in a reusable cup. It also means taking containers with you for lunch at noon and avoiding plastic packaging. And if you're planning to go shopping, always think about having a bulk bag or a net model in your bag to avoid systematically buying shopping bags in shops. Finally, it also means refusing the plastic straw in the evening cocktail, as it is admittedly useless.

In the wallet, you will see the difference. 

When you embark on a zero-waste approach, you will see the savings fairly quickly. Over the course of a year, hundreds of pounds will be saved.


However, it should not be forgotten that this approach consists above all of buying once and for all and reusing in order to make further savings. Convinced?

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