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How can we accept not being irreproachable in terms of eco-responsibility?

It is not always easy to embark on a more responsible consumption approach. In fact, we tend to feel guilty very quickly for not "respecting" all the rules of zero waste. Here is why it is "OK" to be irreproachable. 

When you embark on a zero-waste approach and change your way of consuming as you go along, it is not always easy to do everything perfectly from the start. In fact, it is not recommended. This approach is part of a rhythm of progression and evolution.

It is a good start...

First of all, it is important to remember that whatever action you take on a daily basis: using a reusable water bottle, doing your shopping in bulk, using menstrual pants... it will already be a good start. It takes time and determination to take this kind of step. There is no point in constantly putting pressure on yourself. Do it over time and it will be a good start.

...Don't feel guilty

There is no need to feel guilty if you were not able to spend a 100% zero-waste day or if you were forced to buy yet another product with plastic packaging. Sometimes you are faced with certain obligations and there is no point in feeling guilty. The same goes for those around you. Avoid reflections if you notice that a member of your family has not respected the rules of eco-responsibility. Each person should go at his or her own pace and should not feel pressured in this process. This type of criticism especially can be very discouraging.


As you will have understood, it is totally normal not to be irreproachable when you start your zero-waste approach. You just have to take your time and accept some deviations.

It's up to you!

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