The impact of hormones on your skin: we tell you more!

Have you ever noticed changes in your skin during your period or menstrual cycle? It's normal, and we'll explain why.

What if our hormones had an impact on the quality of our skin? We won't keep you in suspense, it's indeed the case.

During the menstrual cycle, and often a few days before the start of your period, you may notice changes in your skin. For example, the appearance of pimples, redness, increased oiliness, with a higher level of sebum. And all of this is due to hormonal fluctuations.

Blame it on the hormones?

You're probably aware that during the menstrual cycle, our hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen, fluctuate. The levels can even vary significantly. Under the influence of these fluctuations, the skin changes. As reported by the menstrual tracking app, Clue, these changes are mainly due to secretions from small glands called sebaceous glands. "They produce and secrete an oily substance called sebum. At the time of puberty, the sebaceous glands enlarge and begin to produce sebum, the largest amount of which is secreted between the ages of 15 and 35. Seborrhea is the medical term used to describe excessive sebum secretion, the causes of which are diverse." These secretions lead to the appearance of acne or excess sebum.

In fact, according to a study conducted on women with oily skin, an increase in sebum production was observed during menstruation and the week before. The report showed that sebum production was the lowest during the second week of the menstrual cycle. In contrast, women who did not have oily skin did not notice any significant changes in their sebum production or skin.

Note that acne can have multiple causes. If you experience severe skin changes and other symptoms, such as intense pelvic pain, mood swings, anxiety, etc., don't hesitate to consult a specialist. They will be able to guide you.

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