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Leopard print pants

Love love love these. Can’t quite get the sizing right for me but they surpass any other brands I’ve tried on every other way. Definitely purchasing more. Just trying to decide to go slightly too small or slightly too big

Not as described

These came with a microfibre gusset, not the cotton/bamboo one as listed. As a autistic person I cannot use these, and Bamboo House have not responded to my emails.

Not as described

They have microfibre gussets not cotton as listed, and bamboo house have not responded to my email about it. Seriously disappointed because as someone with autism I can't touch microfibre let alone have it next to my foof on days when my sensory stuff is through the roof.

Comfy pants

This is my second purchase of a pack of three, they work very well for me, and last longer for me when I handwash/soak and spin rather then put them through a full washing cycle.

Deserves 0 Stars

Would not recommend this brand, customer service very poor and lazy. Which resembles the quality of the product itself.
Suprised if this review will even get uploaded.

Not good

They leak easily. I got scolded by a member of the email team as I had ‘sized up’ and that caused the leakage? Very strange, I wanted either a partial refund or to be sent an extra pair but they gave no leeway.

Not the right size

These are massive and unwearable. I can’t get a refund or exchange as they won’t offer. It’s a shame.
Size down.

Lovely, flattering swimwear

I bought two of the swimsuits in black, that had frills on top, which I loved as they balanced out my hips, the single strap one I added an extra strap so I could swim in it and the off the shoulder one was large on top, but I added a few stitches to take it in and it was perfect. I used them on holiday during light flow days, I had no leaks and felt lovely and fresh on the beach.

Don’t waste your money

They work but super uncomfortable. Buy wuka or bodyform pants.

My daughter is very happy with them

I got these for my daughter who is new to the world of periods. They were brought to replace some from another cheaper brand that unfortunately leaked the very first time she used them. I've been happy with Bamboo House products before so I decided to give them a try for her. I'm glad I did! These ones haven't leaked at all and she says that they're really comfortable. She can now start secondary school feeling confident, comfortable, and leak-free on period days!

Leopard period pants

Absolutely the best period underwear ever! Amazing fit, really comfortable and totally effective

Great padded underwear for periods

This underwear lasts long, feels really comfortable and has great absorbtion for that time of the month! Just be aware if you have a C-section it will not be as supportive on your cut in the first 6 months of use! Would definitely recommend it otherwise!!

Menstrual Boxer - Black
caroline leddy

Life changing

Black bamboo fibers period underwear


Can’t believe I ever hesitated about buying them before, has totally changed my periods. I was looking for a non toxic option and after not getting on with the cup, I decided to try the period pants and honestly I cannot rave about them enough! Comfortable, nobody noticed any difference, didn’t have any irritation like I previously did with sanitary towels, easy to clean, continued with my normal day - day, no leaks nothing! Really amazing and will be adding some more to my collection!

Best period pants around

Bought more of these because they were so comfy & good ♥️

Light Period Relief

Fab pants for light part if period but not for normal flow.

Excellent for wearing whilst doing sport

I bought these to try as the period pads are uncomfortable to wear whilst cycling and horse riding due to the poppers that keep them in place.
Really happy with the pants. They are super comfy and very absorbant so I can go out for long rides and not worry about leakage.

Black transparent period underwear with laces


Took a while to arrive but were comfortable, pretty, generally fit for purpose, waistband not too tight; they occasionally ride up a bit over the bottom but overall pleased with them and would buy again.

Set of 3 menstrual thong with lace
Annabelle Buchanan-Smith
Good but a bit of Quality Control issue

The thongs are great and work really well for me on a light to medium flow day. Only issue was with quality control. I bought two 3 packs and in both of the packs the red one isn't evenly made, so one leg hole is bigger than the other. One is sort of okay-ish but the other is quite off and a bit uncomfortable as a result. All the others that are evenly made are great and comfy enough to wear all day or even sleep in.

Great product

Great product. Sadly the cost is more than if you went to those big monopolized online realtors, but I try to boycott those.

Comfy and efficient but design needs a little change

Took a long time to arrive
These are v comfortable and do the job. Size is accurate and the style is excellent
However due to the fact that they have an apricot inside the bleeding shows and so they have quickly stained which is a shame

Very comfortable

I have used period pants for several years now and I bought Bamboo House pants as a replacement for another brands which were beginning to leak after years of usage. When I fist received the pants I was a little surprised at how thick the padding was and worried it may look like I was wearing a nappy, but my fears were unfounded. These pants are soft and comfortable, and do their job well. My periods have become heavier recently and these pants coped well with one change midway through the day, and one in the evening, then a change for bed, compared to my older pants which I was changing almost hourly and still having leaks they are amazing! The blue are a lovely colour and such a nice change from boring black.

Great product with one slight flaw

These products are great and I use them everyday. My only complaint is that they slide back and forth very easily and it's cumbersome.

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