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Reusable sanitary napkin: why adopt it?

Are you tired of using tampons, cups or sanitary pads sold in supermarkets? We've found the ideal ally to help you get rid of them: reusable pads. We'll tell you more.

So now you've embarked on your zero-waste initiative! After toothbrushes, cotton buds and washable make-up remover, we'll now introduce you to reusable sanitary napkins.


How do they work?  

You place the washable pad on your underwear - it fits all panties - and perfectly absorbs your flow and eliminates smells. The advantage? They are made of cotton and filled with bamboo fiber charcoal.

And that's not all!


By using these washable towels (machine washable at 30° or better, wash by hand) you will respect, in your own way, the environment. In fact, you will no longer need to use hygienic protection made from toxic products and materials that pollute the planet and your body. As reported on the Consoglobe website, some pads are composed of dioxin, a chemical substance that can be very harmful to the body and thus cause risks of "endometriosis, ovarian dysfunction, reduced fertility or an inability to carry a pregnancy to term". All of which quickly makes us want to switch to reusable towels, for our health but also for the environment.

So, convinced?

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