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Premenstrual dizziness: what is it and when should you worry?

Have you noticed dizziness during your menstrual cycle?

We tell you more about this symptom that affects some women during their period.

Women will never be in peace during their period. The long list of premenstrual symptoms includes headaches, stomach pains, muscle aches, mood swings and in some cases even premenstrual dizziness. Although this disorder only affects 0.5% of people, as Grazia.fr points out, it can be very disabling in everyday life.

And if you feel dizzy before or during your period, it's usually due to severe pain. The cause? Headaches, migraines or stomach pains so intense that they cause dizziness. According to Top Santé, premenstrual and menstrual dizziness occurs when two repeated attacks occur in two successive cycles. 

How do you spot dizziness?

These dizzy spells usually occur in the four days before your period, for women aged 35 to 45.

How can you avoid it?

If you notice dizziness, it is important to consult a health professional. At home, as soon as you feel dizzy, lie down and raise your legs in the air or on a pillow. Also remember to stay hydrated.

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