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Period knickers: how long can you wear them?

For those of you who use menstrual pants, we take a look at how long these reusable sanitary pads will last.


Have you recently changed your habits and are you now using menstrual pants? This is an opportunity to review the concepts you need to know about these washable periodical protections.


The advantages of period knickers

Unlike tampons, menstrual cups or disposable sanitary towels, menstrual panties are non-toxic and therefore reduce the risk of toxic shock or infection.


Made primarily from fabrics such as cotton or bamboo fiber, these reusable sanitary pads are the perfect alternative to disposable sanitary pads. In addition, washable menstrual pants are more environmentally friendly.


Beyond the ecological and sanitary advantages, reusable menstrual panties offer comfort and reduce odor. So, you can get through your menstrual cycle in the gentlest way possible.


How long can you wear your period knickers?

Over the course of a day, menstrual panties can be worn for between 4 and 8 hours. This depends on your menstrual flow. They are very absorbent.


If you have a very heavy flow, it is advisable to first choose a menstrual brief adapted to a heavy flow, and then, if this is not enough, to change the brief during the day.


If you have a light or medium flow, you can easily keep your menstrual panties on during the day and change them at night.


The reusable period panties considerably reduce odor but also leakage, and therefore, the mental burden of having to change pads.


How many menstrual pants should I have?

Again, this depends on whether you have a light, medium or heavy flow. However, it is advisable to have at least 4 to 5 pairs of menstrual panties, so that you can rotate with them during a menstrual cycle.


Period knickers: how long do they last?

You will have understood, the menstrual panties have many advantages. Among them, we find the lifespan of this type of protection. Indeed, a menstrual panty can be used between 2 and 5 years.


This also depends on the material the menstrual panties are made of and how often they are washed. However, even if the panties wear out over time, like all types of clothing, their absorption capacity is not lost. Finally, the use of reusable menstrual panties significantly reduces the cost of sanitary protection. Will you give in?

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